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Choosing the perfect photographer for your style and needs is difficult, especially with so many choices available. Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers that will hopefully help you decide if Lovely Lens is right for you. We encourage you to look through the portfolios of other photographers you are considering, including Lovely Lens, to see if the quality and style is the best choice for your needs and personal style.

What are your qualifications?

2012 Bachelors of Fine Arts; Specialization in Photography

    2012 Senior Solo Exhibition

    2010 Study Abroad Program at Canterbury Christ Church University at Canterbury, Kent     England.

    Alpha Lamba Delta Honor Society

    2010 Student Art Exhibit at Cazenovia College

    2008 Fine Arts Award

    2006 Multicultural Arts and Technology Program at Central Connecticut State University

What is your primary style?

I was training to become a photojournalist for a few years before I discovered my passion for wedding photography and portraiture. Because of this, my style is very photojournalistic. However, I also have experience with studio photography so i know how to pose subjects. My style is a mix of candid and photojournalistic as well as classically romantic. My minor is Art History so I love looking for fine art attributes within my work. I try to stay away from cliches and photograph the moments as the occur in the most artistic way that I can.

Do you offer black and white images with your packages?

Upon your request I can make duplicates of your favorite images in black and white, sepia tone, or edited in any other way you like. For weddings, I always select numerous photos that would make beautiful black and white images and provide them with the final product.

 How much input will we have with our wedding or photo session?

You call every shot. This is about your needs and your special day so you should get exactly what you want with your photography package. During the consultation we will meet to discuss the special details about the event or photo session and we can also create a list of important shots.

 How much experience do you have with weddings?

I have photographed several weddings in the past year that my business has been open and I am confident that I can meet your needs. Scroll through my blog posts to see examples of my previous work. As time has gone by you can see how my style has become more defined.

 What kinds of equipment will you bring with you on a typical wedding day or on-location photo session?

I will always have my camera with back up equipment as well as my lenses. My favorite lens is definitely my 50mm 1.4. I also travel with a few studio lights to give your images professional lighting. Because I am selective with my equipment I am able to move quickly and set things up at a decent pace. Eventually I will travel with more lighting, but for now, I am trying to be as non-disruptive as possible and I work with a lot of natural and ambient lighting.

 How obstructive will your lighting and equipment be?

I try to travel as light as possible at the moment so my equipment will be minimally disruptive. I photograph everything by hand so tripods will not be in the way. I typically use off-camera flash. We can also discuss lighting if you find professional lights to be too disruptive during events.

 Do you bring back up equipment to every wedding?

Always!  You will never have to worry that something will happen to my equiptment during your big moment. Back ups are crucial and we never go with out. It is your job to enjoy your big day.

 How many weddings do you photograph in a single weekend?

To focus all of our time and energy on the assignment at hand I do not book more than two weedings in a weekend, and never more than one in a single day. Some wedding photographers may have the energy to photograph three weddings three days in a row, but I like to spread out the time so that I can assure my client’s that I’ll have energy and I will perform at my best. I feel that over-booking would diminish the quality of my work.

 How do you light your events?

At the moment I try to use ambiant and natural lighting to the best of my ability. However, I do have access to a studio lights, reflective umbrellas, and a soft box that I like to use during the portrait sessions of a wedding or photo shoot. I also have an on-camera flash that I like to use as off-camera. My favorite lighting is ambient and natural light so I try to work it as much as I can.

 How do I know that the quality of your work is professional?

I have seven years of photography classes and experience. Because of my education I know how to use a camera very well and I will never photograph in compressed jpegs or automatically. I always photograph manually to ensure a higher picture quality and I only shoot RAW files to ensure maximum quality for your images. My photography is edited with professional editing software and printed using Epson Stylus Pro and HP large format photo printers. With Lovely Lens Photography, quality will never come into question.

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