Christine and Jeff – A Friendsville, PA Wedding Part 1

Last Saturday, the 4th, I had the honor of photographing Christine and Jeff’s wedding. Christine has been a good friend of mine from college and it was so great to be such a big part of her wedding day. You may remember their engagement photos from this spring. Matthew (my impromptu assistant) and I took off at 3 a.m. to make it from Maryland to Binghamton, NY in time to photograph the girls getting ready. I cannot believe it, but I took over 1700 photos and wow was it difficult to pick out my favorites! Here are the before the wedding photos:
The veil Christine’s mother adorned her daughter with was her very own veil! Christine’s “something borrowed” has now been down the aisle twice.
Mrs. Corcoran came prepared with tissues. “One is the limit,” she told Sarah, the maid of honor, as she passed her a tissue to dry her happy tears.
When I showed up to the apartment the guys had not even begun to get ready. John refused to wear the suspenders, “They’re for old guys.”Meet the guys: Jarrod, Jason, John, and Jeff -The 4Js.I took the guys outside for some pictures. We looked both ways and ran on and off the road numerous times to get these shots, but they were fun. It was a good thing Matthew had three extra pairs of sunglasses in the car. Jeff enjoyed the pair he wore so much that Matthew forgot them on purpose. The gown! We only had minutes to spare after the hair salon so the girls really rallied to get Christine in her dress and we took off quick for the wedding in Friendsville, PA. Meet the girls: Devinne, Sarah, and Katie.Part 2 is coming soon… Please feel free to leave a comment. I am sure that Christine and Jeff would love to see what you think of their photos.