Deserving Couples Wedding

This is my absolute favorite Lovely Lens event of the year! A deserving couple wedding is when a photographer photographs a wedding for free for a couple who otherwise cannot afford photography for their special day. To pick the deserving couple of the year I host a competition starting on Thanksgiving day. The winner of the free wedding photography is announced on New Years day.

Would you like to apply or nominate a couple that you love? Applications can be submitted starting Thanksgiving day. To be eligible the couple must have financial need for the free photography service, must be getting married some time within the next year, and their wedding location must be within an hour of Bel Air, Maryland. To apply please write a 1-3 page paper about yourselves (or the couple you are nominating). The paper must include your names, the wedding date and location, a brief history of your relationship, and reasons why you believe that you deserve your wedding to be photographed for free. All applications can be submitted by e-mailing them to

The deadline for applications is on New Years Eve, however, the sooner the applications are in the more time I will have to review them. I look forward to reading your stories and photographing your special day!


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