Introducing Baby Payton

In previous posts I have mentioned how Crystal will be my sister-in-law one day (she already tells people that I am her sister-in-law) and it is a really amazing feeling to have such a kind older sister to look up to.  I’m the oldest of four so its fun to imagine having an older sibling. I grew up with many close cousins and a few who actually lived across the street from me, but some how its a little different. Crystal is a strong individual and I really respect how hard she works to make her dreams come true. I helped to photograph her wedding (my first wedding blog post) as well as her maternity pictures so I could not resist bringing along my camera when I was told that baby Payton Daniel was born.

He was born on November 10th and weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces. And what a thick head of hair for such a tiny baby! Below are some of the pictures I took in my short visit:

Dan is so excited to be a father. Its really sweet. When Matthew and I walked into the hospital room Payton was asleep on his Daddy’s chest.

Baby hands are so precious!

A proud Uncle Matt:

A special thank you to Ashley Deyo for letting me borrow her lens because my 50 mm is in need of repairs. I had a little trouble working it because it is so different from the lens I am used to, but I’m happy with the images it produced. Baby Payton is so precious!


Had to try out my new watermark

I could not help myself; I just had to try out my watermark right away. I picked this image because it is one of my favorites of Matthew and I. This was taken right before our first Valentine’s Day together at Pratt’s Falls, where his sister Crystal was actually married a little over two years later. I thought that the purple watermark was best for this black and white image. 

It is stellar that the watermark actually works! Thank you to Brian from my large format photography class for helping me figure out how to save my watermark with out a white back ground in a PNG format and download it to use as my watermark. Could not have done it with out you!

To see the image in full view (and to get a better look at the watermark, click on the image and it will open in a larger size. 

New Logo!

Today I am excited to announce that I finished making my logo design (in various colors too)! I am beyond thrilled. I can now use it as a water mark for my images as well. Please be honest and let me know what you think. It is a sunflower with a lens as the center. Do you like the two Ls for “Lovely Lens in the center? Or should they be placed else where? I would love to know what you think.

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Found: Some pics from Sophomore Year

At the end of my sophomore year I took some pictures with my beautiful friend Jamie at the local park as we were hula hooping. The pictures were these fun little snap shots of the two of us. It was such a fun time though. I haven’t seen these pictures in a while (couldn’t find them after I moved them to my new hard drive), but I came across them the other day. Just some fun memories from two years ago that I wanted to share. I need to get hula hooping again! 
Jamie’s hooping skills are really incredible! She can even hoop with her feet. No lie; here is the proof: Jamie, the pro, taught me this fun little spin. I’m still catching on…Me trying to make it look easy: Friends are flowers in the garden of life

First Looks?

First Looks are a fairly new idea in the wedding industry. I personally believe that a couple should only do a first look before their wedding if that is what they want to do. I like to make suggestions to my couples and offer them ideas that perhaps they did not think about for a photo moment, but the goal is to make the couple happy. As a photographer, if the couple is happy, then so am I 🙂 I would never push a couple to do a first look if they did not want one. 

However, there are many great reasons to consider a first look. Before the ceremony couples may be nervous and it is nice to have a little personal time alone before the big moment. This time also produces some of the most touching images of the entire wedding day. I know how overwhelming and busy weddings can be. Sometimes this moment is the only time a couple has together until after the party is over. 

Afraid that seeing one another before the ceremony will take away from the big moment? Don’t be. As seen in this link;  there are many great reasons to have a first look and it does nothing to take away from the ceremony. Plus, it will save couples some time after the ceremony so they can get to their reception and party sooner. 

Would I consider a first look myself? I used to be a bit of a traditionalist, but if I were getting married I know that I would want to see the love of my life before. The day would be about us and I would want to see him as much as possible. It is all about personal preference. Its nice to have options, no?

What do you think about First Looks? Would you do one (or have you done one)? Why or why not?

Love what you do

I am going to tell you a little story about last weekend. It all started when I was extremely stressed out with my senior thesis exhibition project. My wonderful boyfriend, Matthew, drove me out of his way to go to an arts supply store to find supplies. However, when we got there I could not find what I needed. I was in a time constraint and very freaked out on stress.

Everyone that knows me very well knows that I absolutely love wooden stamps. They’re often pricey so I always find mine in clearance bins or dollar stores. At the moment when I was in the art store and at my highest level of panic I stumbled upon a $1 clearance shelf of stamps as I was looking for blender markers. I pulled out numerous cute ones like “sparkle & shine” and then I came across a stamp that said “Do what you love, Love what you do.” Now, I have heard that quote before, but it came at such a perfect time. I found it at a moment when I was feeling my worst and doubtful about myself. And then it hit me (or stamped me if you want to get specific): I should do my project on what I love most and not worry about what any one else thinks about it.

Since then I have recreated my entire thesis project and I think I am really onto something. I know its silly, but I have been carrying this stamp in my pocket all week long to keep me motivated and thinking positively. This is not all about the grade or pleasing other people, this thesis project is about me and what I love to do. And that makes me happy.

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Large Format Photography

Here are some fun and random photos for you 🙂 I am currently taking a large format photography class (you know, the fun giant cameras photographers used to tote around about 100 years ago and looked under a black blanket to focus the lens. Yes, those lovely cameras! 🙂 ) These are some of the images from my latest project. They kind of remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting. It was not my intention, but it is fun that they turned out looking very Pollock inspired any way.

The handsome model below is my boyfriend, Matthew. His eyes photograph so well in black and white! I love him to pieces! Especially because he worked with me for four hours as I splattered paint all over him. He had to shower between shots when I changed the paint. (Which means he had to walk across the street like this and through one of the campus buildings to get to the showers all shirtless and covered in paint.) He is such a trooper! Thank you, honey!!! You’re amazing!

To get the photos into my blog I had to scan in the 4×5 negatives, invert the colors, and resize them. I thought I would share some of my side work. There are many dimensions to my work. I used to want to be a photojournalist (not too long ago actually) before becoming a wedding photographer. I also dabbled in studio photography, but I was not a big fan of it until recently as well. I need to go back and edit the following two, but I could not resist posting them any way.
Looking at that gaze makes me melt. . . 

Now on Twitter!

yesterday I went to the annual BizBuzz Conference on Social media in Liverpool, NY. It was amazing and I had a fabulous time. A special thank you to Emily Brooks for driving me there and Professor Varisco for inviting me! I learned so much about social media tools and I am also now on Linked In.

My twitter is:!/LovelyLensPhoto  If you are a fan of my blog and on Twitter, please follow me. I am meeting so many fabulous people and I’m posting some pretty fun stuff (as well as the mundane. I can’t help it sometimes).