Digital Photography Workshop in Bel Air, Maryland

Coming this August to Bel Air, Maryland: Lovely Lens Photography will be conducting a digital photography workshop for beginners. This workshop covers all of the basics on how to use your camera, understand how your camera works, take better family photos, and how to edit and archive your favorite images. This weekend long workshop is only $400 per person and includes lunch both days and covers everything you need to know about digital photography and taking stronger photographs for your family albums. Come prepared with your camera and questions! More information will be coming this July. There are only 10 spaces available. E-mail me at to hold your place or for more information about the workshop.


Meet Baby Jaelynn! -Maryland Newborn Photographer

Today I would like you to meet baby Jaelynn! I absolutely love it when parents prepare a cute baby nursery. I love all of the little details and thoughts that went into the decorating. Melissa feeding baby Jaelynn. She was a hungry girl when we were taking photos. We thought it would make her fall asleep, but I guess the excitement of having a visitor kept her awake. How cute is that head band?! I love little baby shoes. Pretty soon we may be taking some family photos with sweet baby Jae. I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day and that these cute pictures brightened your day! 

Meet My Tambourine

This is my new tambourine. This is me with my tambourine. Have you seen my recent post about the Cazenovia College Fashion show? (If not, it can be found here: ) In that post I mentioned how it is good to get out of your photographic routine. Now, lets talk about getting way out of the routine. Last time I said that it was a good way to refresh and have some creative fun. For a photojournalist turned wedding photographer, going back to photojournalism for a day is not much of a leap. In fact, wedding photography is very photojournalistic. I was looking at some amazing artistic photography today; not wedding photography or documentary images, but photography for the sake of art. Now, I am not calling these images art, but I did do a small 15 minute photo shoot to have some fun and take photos for the sake of taking pictures -not for weddings, not for photojournalism, and not for my family albums.
I just moved to Bel Air, Maryland so the apartment is an absolute mess. I made some room in a small corner and set up a lamp and my tripod. I took some ridiculous photos, I acted silly, I laughed. And I found a little bit of creativity in the process. Some of which I feel I have been missing lately when I fell into the routine of photojournalism then wedding photogrpahy.
Today I decided to make myself a summer project: take more creative photographs just because. Now, I’m not going to set something up every day, but the goal is to have fun outside of my photography business every week. Of course, I absolutely love what I do and it is fun, however, to be better at what I do I need to reach out to the art world that drew me in. To the idea of photography as life documentation that thrilled me when I got my first camera at 5 years old. This summer I plan on taking fun photos (They don’t have to be good!), film photographs, artistic images, and maybe even dabble in a little bit of Photoshop fun as well. So here is my challenge for you: grab your camera and photograph yourself with something new or something that you love. In my case it was my exciting new tambourine. Then this summer make it a point to photograph life for the love of it. Have fun, realize that there are no photography rules (if I followed all the rules these photos wouldn’t be so flat. Once you know the photography rules, break them!), and be creative! 

Lovely Look: A Preview of Today’s Newborn Session

Today I had the first newborn session of 2012! I had to post a few of my many favorites right away. So here is a quick Lovely Look Preview for your daily dose of cuteness! 

Christine and Jeff: She Said Yes!

Christine is one of my best friends from college. We have had countless girls nights and good times, but the happiest I have seen Christine is when she is with her fiance Jeff. A year before they even got engaged Christine told me that I was the one that would be photographing her engagement and wedding. So one year later, here I am! It was the most heart warming experience, especially because I have only met Jeff briefly in the past so I was able to get to know the man that captured my beautiful friend’s heart. The first photographs were taken at the Green Lakes in Manlius, NY. The water really was the lovely emerald shade! Pay close attention to the necklace around Jeff’s neck. I will tell you why it is important later. Our next location was the beautiful Skineateles Lake in Skineateles, NY! It was a bit of a drive, but it was worth the journey! Unfortunately this shop was closed (they have the most amazing fudge!), although we still got some great photographs in front of the building. Just look how amazing their eyes are, especially paired next to one another! Breathtaking! You could not keep this couple from laughing! I love how at ease Christine and Jeff are with one another. Natural laughter is the sweetest. 
We stopped by a local shop for calzones for dinner as we waited for the bright sun to go down a little bit. Christine pulled out her phone and showed me this cute little app that counts down the days until her wedding. 3 months to go!Remember how I told you the necklace Jeff was wearing would be important? At dinner I asked him what the rings were and he told me that they were his parents wedding bands. Those are the rings that Christine and Jeff will exchange at their own wedding. And he wears them every day! (Total sigh moment!)These shoes are important because Christine picked them out to wear with her wedding gown on their big day! I am so thrilled that the first engagement shoot I have posted on my webpage was Christine and Jeff’s! It was more than an engagement session, it was a fun day with good friends. I was also happy to get to know Jeff a bit better since he was so far from our college when Christine and I were in school together. A girl couldn’t ask for a better man her her best friend. Really, Jeff is a great guy and it was wonderful getting to know him over the course of the day. I have never seen Christine smile and laugh so much and their constant fun bickering and joking with one another is so endearing. Congratulations, Christine and Jeff! I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day this coming August! 

Engagement Preview

Engagement and wedding season has finally commenced! I am more than excited to share this quick preview of Christine and Jeff’s engagement session. The full post will be posted next Monday.

So many wonderful things are happening all at once! I am graduating from Cazenovia College this Saturday and my family will be with me all day. Then the day after, my boyfriend Matthew and I will be moving to Bel Air, Maryland! It is a double dose of excitement! I really cannot contain my happiness. Today I have been packing for the trip, and as sad as I have been about leaving my home of four years, I know that this move is going to be a wonderful new step in my life. I hope that everyone enjoys the preview of this lovely couple and is looking forward to seeing the rest next week. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!

Laura’s Dance Boudoir -Maryland Boudoir Photographer

I am so excited to be posting Laura’s dance/ boudoir photos on the blog today! I had so much fun working with Leah and Laura. I took the photos of Leah and Laura at the same time and we had a blast in the studio! Although the theme was similar I tried to get different photographs of each of them to make their photographs reflect their style and individual personalities. Here are some of my personal faves! I wish that I could jump like that! To get this coloring I gelled the strobes with a purple gel and I got this awesome black light effect:These ghostly images are among my personal favorites: 

Laura is graduating college with me this coming weekend. This photo shoot was such a fun way for the both of us to unwind from the stress of senior project and our finals. Congrats, Laura! I also owe Leah and Laura a big thank you for trusting me in the studio with all of the crazy lighting I set up as well as the flour adventure we had. Honestly, they were both amazing and let me try every idea that came to mind, no matter how long it took. I could not have gotten all of these fun images with out their patience and willingness for adventure.

Beauty and Boudoir -Maryland Boudoir Photographer

    Last week I had the privilege to do two studio boudoir/ dance photo shoots at once. Leah and Laura are sisters and we had quite a party in the studio last Sunday. Both Leah and Laura are dancers so I had the amazing opportunity of photographing them as they danced (and pulled off incredible jumps!) aside from taking boudoir photos. The photo shoot turned into more than a boudoir session. These are some of my favorite photographs of Leah from last week. How amazing are her eyes?!Incredible!All colored effects are from using tinted light gels over the studio strobes. For this one I covered a spot light and aimed it at Leah while I had two soft boxes set up to blow out the back ground. Now for the fun part. I have always wanted to do something a little messy in the studio (lots of people have done glitter so I wanted to avoid the shiny substance. Plus, it sticks to the studio surfaces for months) so I opted for flour. I know that it is a little cliche, but I had to give it a chance. It ended up being a lot of fun!This fun little behind the scenes out take was too cute to leave out of this post!This photograph reminds me of star dust. At the beginning of next week I will be posting Laura’s photos. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. This was the first time I have done a conceptual shoot in a long time. I would love to hear your advice!