Military Discounts

I never had the honor of meeting my paternal Grandfather, Ronald Murray, who was a soldier in the Korean War. Unfortunately he passed away years before I was born, however, left in my father’s care was my grandfather’s red briefcase loaded with numerous letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings from my grandfather’s time in the war. He was first injured when he broke his leg in action. The second time he was injured it was when saving the lives of several men.

He pretended to be alright so that he could assist in carrying the stretcher afterward for another injured man until he collapsed himself. For his courage he received the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. From the letters and other documents left behind my grandfather sounds like he was a wonderful man. In honor of his time in the Korean War I would like to offer discounts and special services for other veterans and current soldiers.

The first service I offer is free family portraits for any soldier who is about to be deployed or has just returned home.

I also offer free maternity and newborn photography for women who are pregnant while their spouse is overseas. A special album will be designed to send in a care package to the baby’s father while he is away.

And 10% off wedding photography for military couples. For military couples that have a spouse being deployed or has just returned home, they will receive 20% off of their wedding photography service.


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