Boudoir Photography

At Lovely Lens I have my own definition of boudoir photography: Boudoir photography is about photographing a woman to show her exactly how beautiful she really is. How many times have you heard a woman say that they look bad in photos? Every woman has beauty within her and it is my mission to bring it forward with these boudoir photo shoots. Nudity is not necessary and we do not photograph beyond your comfort zone. Boudoir photography  can be sensual photos of you in a cocktail dress. Lovely Lens boudoir shoots are completely customizable to fit your goals and desires. 

Being a woman, I understand your fears. Here are some of the concerns I face as a photographer:

“I don’t know how to pose.”

That is all my job so you do not have to pose at all. In fact, I like to keep things high energy and moving and I will also demo all movements and poses myself to show you.

“I’m nervous.”

When you step beyond your comfort zone it makes it all so much more rewarding. Every one is nervous at first, but that is the beauty of it. My favorite part of boudoir sessions is seeing you gain confidence as the shoot gains momentum.

“I need to lose some weight first….”

You are who you are and that is beautiful! It is my job to make you look good so please do not worry about weight. My lighting will enable me to make you look fantastic. Curves are beautiful.

“I don’t know if I can pose nude.”

You really do not have to. Before the photo shoot we will discuss everything and come up with a plan of what you would like the final out come of your photo shoot to be. If you feel more comfortable during the shoot we can show more skin or imply nudity with out ever revealing anything.

“I’m bad at taking photos.”

You are not bad at taking photos because it is my job to take great photos.

Here is how it works: When we talk about your boudoir photo shoot we first discuss what you are looking for in your photo shoot and how much you wish to expose in your images (cocktail dress, lingerie, or even nude). We talk about what you love about your body (no negativity allowed!) and we come up with a theme.

What is my retouching policy?

I do not remove anything that is permanent (freckles, etc.) but I will ease your worries by removing any blemishes that may pop up before your shoot. I can remove stretch marks or even out skin, but I like to keep my photos as natural as possible. The boudoir photos you will receive will be all you. As for weight, I will not adjust a client’s weight, however, I will tuck in skin around straps such as garters and bras (we all get those bumps) and even out areas where there is pressure to the skin.

What is your privacy policy?

All of your images will be kept completely confidential and I will not post any of them with out a written model release form. Even if you do decide you would like to be featured on my website, all images will be approved by you ahead of time. I photograph real women: mom’s, wives, teachers, doctors, etc. so I know how important it is that your photos are protected.



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