What is Victoria’s “Secret”?

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Victoria’s Secret super model? After all, American society views the models for Victoria’s Secret as the epitome of beauty. However, I feel that there is a bigger secret than Victoria’s: you do not need to be about six feet tall or super thin to be beautiful or to feel like a model. You just need to feel confident being you. The other week Sabrina did just that. I am so thankful that she is letting me post her photographs because I believe she looks simply stunning and it was such a great experience to see her gain confidence in front of the camera as the photo shoot progressed.
Girls just want to have fun! This awesome balloon was just hanging out in the studio so we brought it into the photo shoot. (This balloon belongs to my friend Sasha. She has been doing an amazing photo series using the reflections of mylar.) Sabrina was having fun and joking around when I snapped this cute one. I love it!Sabrina’s new tattoo is simply lovely. Sabrina also allowed me to take this recent photo from her Facebook page because I wanted to show you a photo of her out of the studio in every day life. Sabrina works with horses (how cool is that?) I thought that this photo was super cute!

Every woman can do a boudoir photo shoot, all you need is a little confidence in yourself (maybe thats what Victoria has been hiding from us all of these years.)Please leave a comment. I always appreciate constructive criticism of my photography and would love to hear what you think, however, I do not accept any criticism about my lovely subjects. Thank you.


Valentine’s Day Vintage Pin UP

Valentine’s Day Pin UP 

   I have always been fascinated with different time periods. When I was younger my obsession was with the Victorian era, but now it is everything between 1945-1965. I love everything about that time, especially the music (and of course the fashion!). When Valentine’s Day came up I knew that I wanted to do a pin up shoot based on the time when pin up became popular. 

      When I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for models Cory Esha and Pretty Allen were more than happy to volunteer. Cory sent me the video clip to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” for inspiration which is where I came up with some of my bolder color ideas. We played that song continuously in the studio, which gave us a great boost on energy for the photo shoot.

      Last week when they walked into the studio I was so surprised to see their awesome outfits and of course their amazing vintage hairstyles. “I found some hair ideas online,” Cory told me after walking in at 9:30 that morning. To make the photographs look vintage I extensively edited several of my favorites. Enjoy! 

I also have two more vintage pin up photo shoots to share so come back soon. As for this coming week, I may not be able to make any posts because I will be away for Spring break. Some of you may know that my boyfriend and I are planning on moving to Maryland mid May of this year. My wonderful friend Sasha has invited us to her home in Maryland this week for Spring break so that we may look at apartments. Wish me luck for the apartment search!