Wondering where I have been?

Unfortunately my lap top stopped working so I had to send it in for repairs. It just came back in today and I am so excited! Miss me? Expect some new posts and a new look soon. LovelyLensPhotography.com is getting a make over!



Strike New Paths In 2013

Happy New Year! You know, I love looking back on past years. The way I have always done that is with photographs. Personal snap shots mean so much to me and that is what interested me in photography from the very beginning. I love photography as fine art, as photojournalism, but most of all as capturing life. I have always had this compulsion to record everything and every happy moment in words, videos, or still images.

2012 had many obstacles, but you don’t really see all of that when looking at a photograph. Sure, somewhere in that picture is a hint of something deeper or a connection to another memory, maybe even a darker one. A photograph is a high light of a moment so deeply personal that we have to keep it locked on paper. I believe we keep our most beloved thoughts on paper. They reflect what is important to us on a level that we cannot say.

This year had the most changes for me since moving to college. This year I graduated with my bachelors degree in fine arts with a specialization in photography:

1 I moved away from my beloved Cazenovia College and home in Connecticut to the mysterious and sometimes lonely Maryland. . . . .2 . . .  to be with the love of my life in Bel Air, MD about a half hour away from Baltimore. . . 3 4. . . and an hour away from Washington DC. 

Being away from my family has been hard. And I do miss my friends. However, I have a lot going on for me here. There has not been a lack of adventure. 5576762_10151034253122269_2145980281_nMatthew and I are living together for the first time, and believe me, it is a learning process. I would have been disappointed if it wasn’t. I hope that we will always be learning more about one another for as long as we live. We have had the opportunity to do all these amazing things such as getting our first Christmas tree. I hope that for as long as I live I enjoy the small moments like those.

IMG_0032And with the year of 2013 I plan to keep growing as an individual, as a friend, and most definitely as a photographer. My New Year resolutions are not new, but continued goals that I carry with me through out the year such as learning French. My big goal this year is opening my own photography studio in Bel Air, MD. You will also be seeing more of me on the blogosphere. What is your big goal this year?
6“If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.”  -John D. Rockefeller