Kristina and Gus Part Three: Before the Reception

Here it is: Part Three. The final part will be updated within a day or two so stay tuned for the reception. One of my favorite parts about the wedding day is right after the ceremony. Every one is taking in the just-married vibes and it is now time for some fun, especially when the bridal portraits are involved. I enjoy this time in particular because the couple gets a moment to themselves and then they take their first pictures together as a married couple. Its really an honor to be involved in someone’s special day, documenting every fun and romantic moment. Kristina’s bridesmaids did a wonderful job of lifting up her veil then running out the the shot. Thank you for all of the help, you were all lovely!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The kids were thirsty after all their hard work at the wedding. 
The bride and groom left for the reception in style:


Kristina and Gus Part Two: The Ceremony

Here it is: Part Two 🙂 I really love out door weddings. The sun was so bright that day, which made it a challenge to photograph, but it was so gorgeous! Juliet, one of the flower girls, waits for Kristina’s boat to dock. Showing up in a boat sure beats driving up in a car 🙂
Kristina’s mother looks on as her she prepares herself to walk down the isle. 

Five adorable flower girls! The rings: The bridal party took a relaxing moment after the ceremony to have a couple beers and talk about the excitement of the day. While they were soaking in the after wedding glow, Lisa and I had a blast setting up the rings. 

iphone photoshoot

No matter how great your camera is, a camera cannot replace the talent of a photographer. Just because someone has an incredible camera does not mean that they will take wonderful photos while a photographer who has an amateur camera, but knows how to use it and has talent can take some extraordinary images.

Photographers of McGowen Images wanted to prove this point by doing a photo shoot using an iphone that they have never practiced taking pictures with. The backgrounds are a little blown out, but they have a great vintage feel and the photos are amazing. Tools do not define the photographer, a photographer defines their tools. Check it out:

Kristina and Gus’s Wedding: Part One

I was so honored when my friend Lisa Goudy asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding on September 10th. Honored because she is such an amazing photographer and a wonderful classmate. The job was fun and I was thrilled to be brought along to Massachusetts for the weekend. Lisa’s family was so welcoming and I had a wonderful time at her beautiful home.

From the moment we walked into Kristina’s family’s home we felt so welcome. Kristina was a beautiful bride. The day was perfect. It had been chilly and rainy all week. That morning looked slightly cloudy but then all the clouds went away and the sun shined. It was warm and perfect weather for a wedding. The following photos were all taken by me. Lisa took some stunning photos herself. Unfortunately none of them are here, but we both really had a fantastic time with Kristina and Gus on their special day. Kristina’s jewelry was so elegant and classic. I enjoyed setting it up for various photos. 

The Bridal party left by boat 🙂

The bridal party arrived by pontoon boat! Yours truly was invited along for the ride. I had so much fun and everyone was looking forward to the ceremony.

Kristina arrived in a separate boat with her father driving. 

Coming Soon

A few weeks ago I posted some of Kristina and Gus’s wedding photos to my Facebook page, Lovely Lens Photography. I had not yet finished editing them, but I was so excited to get them up. Some time before next week I will post many of the wedding photos on this blog. Stay tuned for the first post.

Another thing I am really excited about is the BizBuzz conference my professor, Professor Varisco, is taking me to in Liverpool, NY. I have been working hard and studying a lot about business so that I can make my business a reality when I graduate in the Spring. Tuesday is going to be a fabulous day!!!

Logo a-go-go?

The other day I was day dreaming about my favorite flower: the sunflower. They are so big and vibrant and the awesome part is that their best blooming season is on my birthday. How awesome is that? Then it got me thinking that for my Lovely Lens logo perhaps I should make it a round lens as the center of the sunflower with all the petals around it. What do you think?

“Lovely Lens” can be written above it in beautiful letters with “Photography” underneath it. Or I can simply put two fancy “L”s in the center. I think I like the second idea better, but I’ll just have to make some examples and start designing. Then perhaps I will have a vote. So thrilled to start this up!

And that is not all. I have found my business colors. I really like the Tiffany’s teal color, however, it is very popular among wedding photographers and I would like to set my business aside as my own (hence the very Courtney-esque sunflower logo. Everyone that knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with the flower. Now I wonder “why didn’t I think of it sooner?”) Are you ready for this? A shade of green similar to this and lavender. Again: similar to this, but not quite. This blog doesn’t have the exact color options I am thinking of. I believe that they go very well together and they are also my two favorite colors. I just love green and purple. Again, why did it take me this long to think of it?

So there you have it: a sunflower logo with lens center (when it is used as a watermark on my photos it will be a a light yellow color) and my business design colors. Think green and lavender website, studio space, and album packaging. I am excited. Please let me know if you like it or have any suggestions.

Crystal’s Maternity Sneak Peek

Crystal is expecting a baby boy by the end of this month! I was so thrilled and excited that Crystal allowed me to take maternity photos of her. Unfortunately Dan was unable to be there so it turned into a fun mother-daughter photo shoot. Makayla is so excited to become a big sister. Isn’t she precious? Below is a sneak peek at some of the images. I borrowed a studio light kit from my college to light up the nursery. Crystal was not feeling well so we took the photos indoors. I think that it is rather special because the back drop we used was the back wall of the baby nursery that Crystal and Dan designed for their baby boy. They are so creative!

Sweet little shoes!! How darling are they? Makayla loves playing in her little brother’s room. She is going to be such a great big sister! More to come soon. 🙂


Crystal and Dan Wedding at Pratts Falls, NY

 June 4, 2011

Crystal and Dan had their wedding on June 4th of this year. It was a beautiful ceremony held out doors and it was so much fun to photograph. Now that my blog is finally up and running I can share several images from that fabulous day. Crystal is going to be my sister-in-law one day and I was honored to photograph her wedding. They’re such a beautiful couple!

Crystal arrived in style in her father’s red fire bird.

Their rings are incredibly stunning!
Brothers of the bride (my sweet heart is in blue) and her husband, Dan lifted Crystal for a fun photo.

My sweetie, Matthew, playing with his nephew.

Crystal’s “something blue” was her nail polish design! How creative. I loved it 🙂
First dance as a family. A sweet and fleeting moment. Makayla wanted to join in their first dance.