Great Great Uncle Bernard

Archiving all of my family photographs has been a tough task and it is still in progress. It has also been fun too. I found a photograph today that I have not seen in almost 8 years and it brought me to tears. And then I found this one from way way back. This one made me laugh. Family photographs are wonderful so I’m trying to save them for my future descendants. 

This is a photograph of my Great Great Uncle Bernard Bressett. He was a race car driver. Who knew? A photograph’s ability to tell a story is astounding (and they also evoke the stories behind the memories as well.) So I had to share this one today because it gave me great joy. I hope that it made you all giggle too. Look at that car and how he is dressed! 


First Boudoir of 2012

Siobhan was such a wonderful model for this boudoir session. Honestly, a photographer could not ask for more. She is currently a senior majoring in equine (yes, she rides and grooms horses for college! How awesome is that?!) We had so much fun in this photo shoot and she said that she felt beautiful during the shoot, which is a photographer’s dream. I wanted more than anything to show Siobhan just how lovely she is. So here are some of the images we came up with:
I told you that she was an equine major. Aren’t these tattoos lovely? Wish I had Siobhan’s eyes! That is some serious gazing power.

New Year of 2012

Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I cannot believe that it has been over a month since my last post. With finals and then going home for winter break I haven’t found the time. I am so excited to be back at Cazenovia and at my apartment. It has become my second home.

At the beginning of every year I like to reflect on the previous year. I feel that although resolutions can be over rated at times, goals to better ourselves are always in style and I like to keep them with me year round. This is a great time to reflect upon the past year.

This past year was a tough one, however, I also had a lot of great moments too. Last Spring I was able to spend the semester with many of my close friends who graduated last May. The time I had with them was wonderful and I feel that it set the stage for ensuring our friendship will last a life time. (A special congratulations to my friend Christine who was just engaged over the holidays!)

In the late Spring I discovered that although I love photojournalism, sometimes I prefer the idea to the actual act. After photographing a wedding I realized that it was my passion. It is so similar to photojournalism, but it is often so much more positive and uplifting. I love being involved in such romantic moments. I still want to work on photojournalism one day, but I am now looking forward to opening my own wedding photography business. Since then I have photographed three weddings and am planning another as well as two engagement photo shoots for this year. I know that I have so much to learn since I switched careers at the beginning of my senior year at Caz, but it is so worth it. I am truly excited about my future with wedding photojournalism.

I hope that I handled myself graciously last summer when I had the unfortunate experience of learning that someone I trusted was only being nice to me to my face. When some one is mean to you, try not to take it too personally and never blame yourself. Believe me, I have been there. I blamed myself at first, but after a while I understood that it was nothing that I had done. Try to show compassion and understand why the person acts the way that they do. It is not rational, yet people who feel bad about themselves like to take others down to make them feel better. Do not try to combat the situation with nasty responses, but try to solve the issue to the best of your ability and move on. This terrible experience has taught me how to be smarter about bullies and to react to negative situations positively. When someone treats you that way it is not your fault. Instead, surround yourself with people who are a positive part of your life. They will make even the darkest situations feel bright. 

I wised up and surrounded myself with people who make me happy and feel good about myself. Such as my friend Sasha who I have gotten closer to this past semester through our marketing class and supporting one another during our senior capstone. This picture is of the two of us after midnight in the library once we completed our capstone papers. Crazy capstone night!

This past semester was rough academically, but it has pushed me to believe in myself and stand up for myself as well. I feel that one of my grades was unfair and I am in the process of appealing it rather than sitting back and accepting it.

Last year was a challenge and as I get closer to graduating and finding my own apartment in Maryland, I know that I will have many obstacles to face. Life is a learning process. I am always learning and I hope that I will always continue to learn and grow as an individual. This year I want my goals to surround this notion: to look after myself and be the best that I can be. I owe it to myself to be happy. So here are my resolutions:

  •     Solve problems graciously.
  •     Be a positive influence for others and be a better friend.
  •     Find some more “me time.”
  •     Keep love a priority (I love you Matthew. I will not let this last semester, as stressful as it might be, get in the way of us and our goals for moving in together.)