Outdoor Owl Inspired Boudoir Part 2 -Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Finally, without further ado, I present you with part two of Rebekah’s out door owl inspired boudoir photo shoot. I did not have power for almost a week because of Hurricane Sandy (I hope that all of my readers were safe and warm!) and then I had to play a lot of catch up. Life comes at you fast! Good news is that I finally got a new used car. (The last one broke down miserably two days after I bought it!)

So here it is, the long over-due images. Enjoy! Please leave some constructive criticism as a reply and also let Becca know how amazing she was! These photos were all taken at the lovely Gunpowder Falls State Park. Make up and styling by yours truly. To see more images from the photo shoot visit Lovely Lens Photography on Facebook and find the album.


Owl Outdoor Boudoir Part 1 -MD Boudoir Photographer

Rebekah allowed me to have complete creative freedom with this outdoor boudoir shoot. The photo shoot was inspired by fashion, owls, and the beautiful autumn weather. Her only request was that the photo shoot, although boudoir, was to be conservative, especially because of the out door location. Together we came up with these gorgeous images:

For these corn maze photos we paused between images because we had a hay ride audience drive by about every 10 minutes. Rebekah was shy of the crowd, but she braved it out for these photos at Brad’s Produce in Churchville, Maryland. I bought this mask over a month ago and knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Thank you for trusting my vision, Rebekah!

 Part 2 of Rebekah’s boudoir shoot was taken at Gunpowder State Park. Those photos will be up by next week. Please leave a reply for Rebekah and tell her what an amazing job she did modeling!

Lovely Look: Outdoor Owl Inspired Boudoir -Maryland Boudoir Photographer

Coming up some time today or early tomorrow except part 1 of Rebekah’s owl inspired outdoor photo shoot. The first half of our shoot was at Brad’s Produce in Churchville, MD. We used the corn maze for this lovely back drop.

Part 2 we traveled to Gunpowder Falls State Park and used the beautiful scenery of the trees for our photo shoot. I have so many photos to share!

Have a lovely day!


Katie and Walter: Southford Falls Engagement

The other week I had an amazing excuse to go home to Connecticut. Katie told me how much she loved the outdoors and that they wanted their pictures to be taken at Southford Falls. “Do you know of it?” she asked. Southford Falls happened to be in my home town and I know the place well. I knew that we were going to have fun. The morning of the photo shoot the clouds were swirling in the sky and the weather threatened rain so we met up early to avoid the impending storm. The rain never came. Instead the clouds parted and we had beautiful sunlight for this fall photo shoot.
This little covered bridge is definitely a center piece of this park.(Funny story about this pond: I was fishing right around this spot when I was 5 and fell in. At the time I could not swim so a stranger jumped in and fished me out.)When Katie and Walter were standing together they were talking to one another, which is great to get emotions caught in the camera. I heard little snippets that were so sweet. Walter was telling Katie how pretty she was, among many things. Their love for one another made the photo shoot such a joy to capture. I asked Katie and Walter how they were engaged. Katie told me about how she loves fire works so she made Walter go with her the day before the fourth of July to watch them on the beach. Walter remarked how he pretended that he didn’t really want to go so that Katie wouldn’t suspect anything.

Walter and Katie made it to the sand and set up their chairs to watch the fire work show. Just as the fire works started to shoot into the sky, Walter turned to Katie and began to tell her how she is his best friend and many things that Katie said she could barely recall because she was so surprised when she realized that Walter was beginning to propose.To see more photos from Katie and Walter’s engagement session visit Lovely Lens Photography on Facebook. Please leave a reply to wish these two the best of luck on their journey together toward their wedding day.

Lovely Look: Katie and Walter’s Engagement -Connecticut Wedding Photographer

I am getting super excited about this one! Meet Katie and Walter, a really sweet Connecticut couple. Last weekend I had the chance to go home to Connecticut for this Southford Falls engagement. The full blog post will be up tomorrow! So check back soon 🙂

Boordy Vineyards Forever After Photo Session -Maryland Wedding Photographer

Meet Ellen and Bryan. This sweet couple married September 9, 2010 and to celebrate their two year anniversary we travelled to a local vineyard, Boordy Vineyard, to memorialize this point in their lives. A lot of attention is given to the couple photographically as the couple prepares to wed. After that it is maternity, newborn, and family portraits. Ellen and Bryan have three sweet little girls, but for this special occasion we spent the day celebrating just the two of them as a married couple. Ellen’s dress was perfect for the vineyard. She was dressed perfectly for a Maryland vineyard anniversary photo shoot!I love her eyes! When we arrived at Boordy’s we only had 40 minutes of sunlight to spare. You wouldn’t know that this photo shoot was crunched into such a short amount of time! The setting sunlight made a perfect golden hue for these photos when I caught it just right. Meet Bourbon! This enthusiastic pup couldn’t contain his excitement when we were taking these photos. I think he had more fun than Ellen and Bryan. At one point he did take off and Ellen and Bryan had to chase him down through the vineyard. This black and white photo is of them walking him back after they caught up to him. The sunlight was very bright and harsh at this point, but we still got away with these cute pics.Grapes! All this walking through the vineyard had me excited for fall fruit picking. (Cannot wait to get to an apple orchard!)These pictures remind me of a movie.We left shortly after the moon made an appearance.I had such a  difficult time picking out which ones to post and which pics to leave behind. Because I couldn’t upload all of them I did place several more of my faves in a file to upload to Facebook tonight. If you would like to see more pictures of Bryan, Ellen, and yes, Bourbon too, find the album at Lovely Lens Photography on Facebook. It will be up by 8 pm tonight!

Lovely Look -Boordy Vineyards Anniversary Photo Shoot

Here is a quick Lovely Look of last Friday’s Anniversary Happily Ever After Session at Boordy Vineyards in Maryland. (Part of Runaway Bride was filmed here!) We arrived with just 40 minutes of sunlight to use and got some very romantic photos in that short amount of time. Ellen and Bryan also brought along their canine pal, Bourbon. To see more photos of this lovely couple and their enthusiastic dog check out LovelyLensPhotography.com this wednesday. There are also more lovely looks from this session on the Facebook page. Happy Monday!

Top 10 Engagement Photo Shoot Tips -Maryland Wedding Photographer

Engagement photos are usually a one-time event, so knowing what to expect can be daunting, especially for those who have not had many professional photo opportunities in the past. Before going into the session, couples usually discuss the details with their photographer. I have spent some time compiling a list of my best tips and facts about engagement photography to make your experience easier to plan and prepare for.

    1. The typical engagement photo session lasts anywhere between 3-6 hours. Travel between different locations, outfit changes, and moving photo equipment takes time. If you know this ahead of time it takes the stress off making a time restraint. Have plans after your photo shoot? Maybe reschedule those plans so that you don’t miss out. Engagement photos are a way to celebrate your engagement so take the time to appreciate your moment.

2. Location, location, location. Now this one is important. You are going to want to choose a location that has personal meaning to you (such as where you met or had your first date), is aesthetically pleasing, or fits well with your personality as a couple. Think of your location as a movie set because the backdrop of your venue makes the mood of the photos. Your photographer may also be able to suggest some great places. Choose up to three places to add some variety (or as a back up in case one place is unavailable that day).

3. The engagement ring symbolizes your engagement and commitment. Make sure your photographer gives your ring special consideration and photographs it separately.

4. Pick at least two outfits: one casual and one a bit more formal to change on location or between venues. This will give your more variety. You do not need to match or look like twins, although magazines may have some fun styles for inspiration and to keep you coordinated. And don’t forget to bring comfy shoes to wear in between locations, especially for women who favor heels. 

                                                   I’m sure they thought it was a good idea at the time…..

5. Engagement photos require some intimacy, so if you are shy be prepared to kiss in front of the camera and do not be afraid to be yourselves. your photographer should help you relax after a short while. No one likes silly faces in their pictures.

6. Bring props! Have a shared hobby? Bringing along something to do together or that has some symbolic meaning for your relationship gives you something to do and helps you relax in front of the lens. It also gives your photos a story, which brings us to tip number 7.

    7. create a story. Playing out a story line like how you met or recreating a scene from a favorite novel or film makes your album unique and produces fun photographs. Profile picture anyone? Think of your photo shoot as a series.

8. Consider professional hair and makeup. If you are investing in great photography you will want to look your best. Not necessary, but it is also a great way to test out potential artists for the wedding day.

    9. Search within your interests for inspiration. Using poses and ideas from other engagement photos will make your pictures look just like everyone else’s. Search your favorite paintings, magazines, and movies for ideas and never be afraid to ask your photographer for a specific pose or shot.

         I still think they gave up on that floating door too easily. They could have at least taken turns….. 

10. Have fun! Laugh and do not take yourselves too seriously or you may end up looking stern or miserable in your pictures. Keep your hands relaxed as well because they give your nervousness away. You want to look as happy as you feel.

Were these tips helpful? Please feel free to comment or share some times of your own or share this post on Facebook or Twitter. Just one little click away.

Christine and Jeff Part 2

So here it is, the moment you have all been waiting so patiently for! I hope that everyone has a wonderful labor Day off from work. Here are a few moments from the ceremony. The church was so little and cute.I can honestly say that I have never seen a happier groom at the altar! His reaction and laugh was absolutely priceless. He was so overjoyed and surprised to see Christine all glamoured up in her wedding gown. The officient’s joy at the first kiss was so sweet. This is a man who enjoys his job. I have a special thank you to Fred J. Brown of Fred J. Brown Studios. He was the piano player at the wedding and also happens to be a photographer. In the middle of the wedding he disappeared outside of the church to return with an amazing telephoto Canon lens that he let me borrow to take better photos from the mezzanine. There are so many great people out there. Thank you, Mr. Brown!My favorite part of the wedding is right after the couple is married and they have time to themselves to realize it. Then I get to have so much fun taking beautiful portraits of them and they are simply glowing. The groomsmen arrived in style (and on their motorcycles).Above, the maid of honor, Sarah, gives her beautiful speech. The one room reception hall located next door to the church was so sweet. The night before the girls decorated the walls with polka dots and placed out painted flower pots as center pieces. I love the details in weddings. Each wedding is different from the next and the way it is decorated tells you a lot about the couple’s style. Showing off the rings over dinner. I love photographing the rings! Remember these from the engagement shoot? These rings belonged to Jeff’s parents. Jeff had a blast with the first dance.I loved this rubber ducky cake topper!For a short while I set up a photo booth at the reception with some studio lights. We decided to use the wall with the polka dots as the back drop instead of the fabric I brought because it fit with the style of their wedding day. The above photo is just one of many that I took of the couple and their guests. Christine and Jeff are so cute!This last photo is a little behind the scenes picture that my assistant, Matthew, took of me. While Christine and Jeff were preparing to leave yours truly had the honor of decorating the get-away-car with a couple of their friends. The photographer is such a hidden behind the scenes part of the wedding day, which is perhaps one of the reasons why I adore my job so much. In the span of a wedding day I end up helping the guys with their ties, fixing wedding gown disasters, touching up make up and hair, and reassuring the nervous bride that her day is going to be as beautiful as she is. And yes, the occasional get-away-car.

To see more photos from Christine and Jeff’s wedding visit my Facebook page titled Lovely Lens Photography.