Contest starts on Thanksgiving -MD Wedding Photographer

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you all have a beautiful and thankful Thanksgiving day tomorrow. I have a quick announcement:

Thanksgiving Day is the start of my deserving couple wedding contest!

What is a deserving couple wedding? Free wedding photography for your wedding day. (Prints, DVDs, and album are not included, although they are offered at a discounted price.) To win, you  (or the couple that you are nominating) must be a couple that cannot otherwise afford a photographer for their wedding day. This is important because I want to give memorable images to a couple that otherwise would not have any professional photos of their big day. The other requirement is the wedding must take place within an hour and a half of Harford County, Maryland and within the year of 2013.

To apply, please e-mail your nomination or request to I will need to know the name and age of the couple, their occupations, where the wedding is taking place, and the wedding date. Also include a few paragraphs explaining why you believe that you or the couple that you are nominating deserves their wedding to be photographed for free.

Applications start Thanksgiving Day and the winner will be announced on New Years Day! Please share, tweet, or Facebook this announcement to any couple that you know that deserves to win this contest. Take the initiative and nominate someone special tomorrow. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!




Christine and Jeff Part 2

So here it is, the moment you have all been waiting so patiently for! I hope that everyone has a wonderful labor Day off from work. Here are a few moments from the ceremony. The church was so little and cute.I can honestly say that I have never seen a happier groom at the altar! His reaction and laugh was absolutely priceless. He was so overjoyed and surprised to see Christine all glamoured up in her wedding gown. The officient’s joy at the first kiss was so sweet. This is a man who enjoys his job. I have a special thank you to Fred J. Brown of Fred J. Brown Studios. He was the piano player at the wedding and also happens to be a photographer. In the middle of the wedding he disappeared outside of the church to return with an amazing telephoto Canon lens that he let me borrow to take better photos from the mezzanine. There are so many great people out there. Thank you, Mr. Brown!My favorite part of the wedding is right after the couple is married and they have time to themselves to realize it. Then I get to have so much fun taking beautiful portraits of them and they are simply glowing. The groomsmen arrived in style (and on their motorcycles).Above, the maid of honor, Sarah, gives her beautiful speech. The one room reception hall located next door to the church was so sweet. The night before the girls decorated the walls with polka dots and placed out painted flower pots as center pieces. I love the details in weddings. Each wedding is different from the next and the way it is decorated tells you a lot about the couple’s style. Showing off the rings over dinner. I love photographing the rings! Remember these from the engagement shoot? These rings belonged to Jeff’s parents. Jeff had a blast with the first dance.I loved this rubber ducky cake topper!For a short while I set up a photo booth at the reception with some studio lights. We decided to use the wall with the polka dots as the back drop instead of the fabric I brought because it fit with the style of their wedding day. The above photo is just one of many that I took of the couple and their guests. Christine and Jeff are so cute!This last photo is a little behind the scenes picture that my assistant, Matthew, took of me. While Christine and Jeff were preparing to leave yours truly had the honor of decorating the get-away-car with a couple of their friends. The photographer is such a hidden behind the scenes part of the wedding day, which is perhaps one of the reasons why I adore my job so much. In the span of a wedding day I end up helping the guys with their ties, fixing wedding gown disasters, touching up make up and hair, and reassuring the nervous bride that her day is going to be as beautiful as she is. And yes, the occasional get-away-car.

To see more photos from Christine and Jeff’s wedding visit my Facebook page titled Lovely Lens Photography.

Christine and Jeff – A Friendsville, PA Wedding Part 1

Last Saturday, the 4th, I had the honor of photographing Christine and Jeff’s wedding. Christine has been a good friend of mine from college and it was so great to be such a big part of her wedding day. You may remember their engagement photos from this spring. Matthew (my impromptu assistant) and I took off at 3 a.m. to make it from Maryland to Binghamton, NY in time to photograph the girls getting ready. I cannot believe it, but I took over 1700 photos and wow was it difficult to pick out my favorites! Here are the before the wedding photos:
The veil Christine’s mother adorned her daughter with was her very own veil! Christine’s “something borrowed” has now been down the aisle twice.
Mrs. Corcoran came prepared with tissues. “One is the limit,” she told Sarah, the maid of honor, as she passed her a tissue to dry her happy tears.
When I showed up to the apartment the guys had not even begun to get ready. John refused to wear the suspenders, “They’re for old guys.”Meet the guys: Jarrod, Jason, John, and Jeff -The 4Js.I took the guys outside for some pictures. We looked both ways and ran on and off the road numerous times to get these shots, but they were fun. It was a good thing Matthew had three extra pairs of sunglasses in the car. Jeff enjoyed the pair he wore so much that Matthew forgot them on purpose. The gown! We only had minutes to spare after the hair salon so the girls really rallied to get Christine in her dress and we took off quick for the wedding in Friendsville, PA. Meet the girls: Devinne, Sarah, and Katie.Part 2 is coming soon… Please feel free to leave a comment. I am sure that Christine and Jeff would love to see what you think of their photos.

Kristina and Gus Part Three: Before the Reception

Here it is: Part Three. The final part will be updated within a day or two so stay tuned for the reception. One of my favorite parts about the wedding day is right after the ceremony. Every one is taking in the just-married vibes and it is now time for some fun, especially when the bridal portraits are involved. I enjoy this time in particular because the couple gets a moment to themselves and then they take their first pictures together as a married couple. Its really an honor to be involved in someone’s special day, documenting every fun and romantic moment. Kristina’s bridesmaids did a wonderful job of lifting up her veil then running out the the shot. Thank you for all of the help, you were all lovely!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The kids were thirsty after all their hard work at the wedding. 
The bride and groom left for the reception in style:

Kristina and Gus Part Two: The Ceremony

Here it is: Part Two 🙂 I really love out door weddings. The sun was so bright that day, which made it a challenge to photograph, but it was so gorgeous! Juliet, one of the flower girls, waits for Kristina’s boat to dock. Showing up in a boat sure beats driving up in a car 🙂
Kristina’s mother looks on as her she prepares herself to walk down the isle. 

Five adorable flower girls! The rings: The bridal party took a relaxing moment after the ceremony to have a couple beers and talk about the excitement of the day. While they were soaking in the after wedding glow, Lisa and I had a blast setting up the rings. 

Kristina and Gus’s Wedding: Part One

I was so honored when my friend Lisa Goudy asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding on September 10th. Honored because she is such an amazing photographer and a wonderful classmate. The job was fun and I was thrilled to be brought along to Massachusetts for the weekend. Lisa’s family was so welcoming and I had a wonderful time at her beautiful home.

From the moment we walked into Kristina’s family’s home we felt so welcome. Kristina was a beautiful bride. The day was perfect. It had been chilly and rainy all week. That morning looked slightly cloudy but then all the clouds went away and the sun shined. It was warm and perfect weather for a wedding. The following photos were all taken by me. Lisa took some stunning photos herself. Unfortunately none of them are here, but we both really had a fantastic time with Kristina and Gus on their special day. Kristina’s jewelry was so elegant and classic. I enjoyed setting it up for various photos. 

The Bridal party left by boat 🙂

The bridal party arrived by pontoon boat! Yours truly was invited along for the ride. I had so much fun and everyone was looking forward to the ceremony.

Kristina arrived in a separate boat with her father driving. 

Crystal and Dan Wedding at Pratts Falls, NY

 June 4, 2011

Crystal and Dan had their wedding on June 4th of this year. It was a beautiful ceremony held out doors and it was so much fun to photograph. Now that my blog is finally up and running I can share several images from that fabulous day. Crystal is going to be my sister-in-law one day and I was honored to photograph her wedding. They’re such a beautiful couple!

Crystal arrived in style in her father’s red fire bird.

Their rings are incredibly stunning!
Brothers of the bride (my sweet heart is in blue) and her husband, Dan lifted Crystal for a fun photo.

My sweetie, Matthew, playing with his nephew.

Crystal’s “something blue” was her nail polish design! How creative. I loved it 🙂
First dance as a family. A sweet and fleeting moment. Makayla wanted to join in their first dance.