Wedding photographers branch out too -Cazenovia College Fashion Show 2012

Photographers tend to get stuck in the niche they create for themselves. When I was a photojournalist my thoughts revolved around the next story and now that I am a wedding photographer, I find myself doing the same thing. However, I have so many different interests and so many exciting things are always going on around me. The Cazenovia College Fashion Show is one of them.

My friend Lily had her senior collection last Saturday, which I had the honor of being one of her models. Between the two shows I pulled out my camera and took a few snap shots. To me, they were not anything special at the time, just some quick pics for the girls. Afterwards as I was browsing them, I realized something amazing had happened. I kind of fell into my old role as a photojournalist, capturing moments as I saw them through my lens. What I first thought were some quick snap shots, turned out to be some pretty fun photographs.

The entire experience was exciting and inspiring because it was different. It took me out of the mold I unknowingly placed myself into. So my advice for photographers: step out of your garden and experience the rest of the world around you. You might surprise yourself in the process. The next time you’re on the job you may even recall the experience and look at your present subject in new light. Motivate and refresh yourself by mixing up the routine. You might just surprise yourself. Nichole took this photograph of me after I fixed my make up. We were all waiting for the next show. My mother took this photograph of all of us after the show. My mother is pictured below with her boyfriend. 


Today I take you to Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral

So last Friday I missed my photo Friday post because I was so busy with my senior thesis project. To be honest, this post is an hour late to make the Friday cut as well, but I figured that I need to cut myself some slack. I’ve been a busy girl lately. As crazy as things have been during my senior year, I always love to look back on moments that made me thrilled to be alive. Each day is a gift, even the days that all I do is sit in front of my computer screen scanning, editing, and doing my senior project. One day I will look back on those days too and remember how lucky I was to be here in college with wonderful friends and goals much larger than myself.

Because I missed last week I wanted to bring you something special. So today I bring you a photographic tour of Notre Dame Cathedral. Matthew and I went to Paris in October of 2010 to celebrate our two year dating anniversary. Here is a small tour of what we first saw when the sun rose over Paris. Our first stop: Notre Dame Cathedral. We took an all night bus to Paris. Matthew snapped the photo above on one of our bus stops. Our first sighting of Notre Dame! I could not believe it! Believe me, it looks so much more beautiful than the Disney movie. I hope that these photos bring as much joy to you as the vision of the cathedral brought to Matthew and I. The cathedral was not open when we first arrived early in the morning so we had breakfast in a restaurant across the street from the lovely architecture. Our water was served to us in this lovely green glass bottle with these two glasses. It was so fancy and sophisticated. This is something I can easily do at home to bring more beauty into my life. Above is the view from the restaurant. The amazing door knocker! The boy’s choir inside of the cathedral. I took an amazing video clip of the performance. If you ever have the chance to listen to a choir perform (no matter where you are) take the time to listen. It may surprise you. Matthew and I outside of Notre Dame! Another lovely tourist took this picture for us. I saw this sweet couple crossing the street to walk to the cathedral. They looked so in love with one another holding hands. Paris really is the city of love. I hope that these images brought some brightness to your day. Have a wonderful weekend!

First Photo Friday

Today I am doing my first ever “Photo Friday.” It is my way of making sure that I blog more. I am still getting used to the idea of blogging and so far I love every minute of it! Every Friday from now on I will be blogging a photograph or several of something I photographed over the past week or a favorite photo from the past and journal about it.

This photograph is one that I took a couple years ago. It is a photograph of a close friend of mine belly dancing. The high quality photos from this batch are still in .psd format and since my photo shop is not working I could not transfer them to .png to download to my page. This is the only one that I have in .jpeg format, but I still love it because it is so passionate and about the moment rather than getting the perfect shot. Sometimes those come out the best. I have the tendency to focus on what is technically perfect and I must remember to shoot from the heart.

Belly dancing is a hobby of mine and it is perfect for this idea because when I dance I do not think about anything else but how amazing it feels to move. I love that sort of passion and it is something I always try to get into my photography. I call this image “Spirit of the Drum Solo.” I hope that you all enjoyed this photo and hopefully you’ll stop by to see what I post next Friday. Have a great weekend! 🙂