Kristina and Gus’s Wedding: Part One

I was so honored when my friend Lisa Goudy asked me to be her second shooter for a wedding on September 10th. Honored because she is such an amazing photographer and a wonderful classmate. The job was fun and I was thrilled to be brought along to Massachusetts for the weekend. Lisa’s family was so welcoming and I had a wonderful time at her beautiful home.

From the moment we walked into Kristina’s family’s home we felt so welcome. Kristina was a beautiful bride. The day was perfect. It had been chilly and rainy all week. That morning looked slightly cloudy but then all the clouds went away and the sun shined. It was warm and perfect weather for a wedding. The following photos were all taken by me. Lisa took some stunning photos herself. Unfortunately none of them are here, but we both really had a fantastic time with Kristina and Gus on their special day. Kristina’s jewelry was so elegant and classic. I enjoyed setting it up for various photos. 

The Bridal party left by boat 🙂

The bridal party arrived by pontoon boat! Yours truly was invited along for the ride. I had so much fun and everyone was looking forward to the ceremony.

Kristina arrived in a separate boat with her father driving.