Boordy Vineyards Forever After Photo Session -Maryland Wedding Photographer

Meet Ellen and Bryan. This sweet couple married September 9, 2010 and to celebrate their two year anniversary we travelled to a local vineyard, Boordy Vineyard, to memorialize this point in their lives. A lot of attention is given to the couple photographically as the couple prepares to wed. After that it is maternity, newborn, and family portraits. Ellen and Bryan have three sweet little girls, but for this special occasion we spent the day celebrating just the two of them as a married couple. Ellen’s dress was perfect for the vineyard. She was dressed perfectly for a Maryland vineyard anniversary photo shoot!I love her eyes! When we arrived at Boordy’s we only had 40 minutes of sunlight to spare. You wouldn’t know that this photo shoot was crunched into such a short amount of time! The setting sunlight made a perfect golden hue for these photos when I caught it just right. Meet Bourbon! This enthusiastic pup couldn’t contain his excitement when we were taking these photos. I think he had more fun than Ellen and Bryan. At one point he did take off and Ellen and Bryan had to chase him down through the vineyard. This black and white photo is of them walking him back after they caught up to him. The sunlight was very bright and harsh at this point, but we still got away with these cute pics.Grapes! All this walking through the vineyard had me excited for fall fruit picking. (Cannot wait to get to an apple orchard!)These pictures remind me of a movie.We left shortly after the moon made an appearance.I had such a  difficult time picking out which ones to post and which pics to leave behind. Because I couldn’t upload all of them I did place several more of my faves in a file to upload to Facebook tonight. If you would like to see more pictures of Bryan, Ellen, and yes, Bourbon too, find the album at Lovely Lens Photography on Facebook. It will be up by 8 pm tonight!