First Looks?

First Looks are a fairly new idea in the wedding industry. I personally believe that a couple should only do a first look before their wedding if that is what they want to do. I like to make suggestions to my couples and offer them ideas that perhaps they did not think about for a photo moment, but the goal is to make the couple happy. As a photographer, if the couple is happy, then so am I 🙂 I would never push a couple to do a first look if they did not want one. 

However, there are many great reasons to consider a first look. Before the ceremony couples may be nervous and it is nice to have a little personal time alone before the big moment. This time also produces some of the most touching images of the entire wedding day. I know how overwhelming and busy weddings can be. Sometimes this moment is the only time a couple has together until after the party is over. 

Afraid that seeing one another before the ceremony will take away from the big moment? Don’t be. As seen in this link;  there are many great reasons to have a first look and it does nothing to take away from the ceremony. Plus, it will save couples some time after the ceremony so they can get to their reception and party sooner. 

Would I consider a first look myself? I used to be a bit of a traditionalist, but if I were getting married I know that I would want to see the love of my life before. The day would be about us and I would want to see him as much as possible. It is all about personal preference. Its nice to have options, no?

What do you think about First Looks? Would you do one (or have you done one)? Why or why not?