Katie and Walter: Southford Falls Engagement

The other week I had an amazing excuse to go home to Connecticut. Katie told me how much she loved the outdoors and that they wanted their pictures to be taken at Southford Falls. “Do you know of it?” she asked. Southford Falls happened to be in my home town and I know the place well. I knew that we were going to have fun. The morning of the photo shoot the clouds were swirling in the sky and the weather threatened rain so we met up early to avoid the impending storm. The rain never came. Instead the clouds parted and we had beautiful sunlight for this fall photo shoot.
This little covered bridge is definitely a center piece of this park.(Funny story about this pond: I was fishing right around this spot when I was 5 and fell in. At the time I could not swim so a stranger jumped in and fished me out.)When Katie and Walter were standing together they were talking to one another, which is great to get emotions caught in the camera. I heard little snippets that were so sweet. Walter was telling Katie how pretty she was, among many things. Their love for one another made the photo shoot such a joy to capture. I asked Katie and Walter how they were engaged. Katie told me about how she loves fire works so she made Walter go with her the day before the fourth of July to watch them on the beach. Walter remarked how he pretended that he didn’t really want to go so that Katie wouldn’t suspect anything.

Walter and Katie made it to the sand and set up their chairs to watch the fire work show. Just as the fire works started to shoot into the sky, Walter turned to Katie and began to tell her how she is his best friend and many things that Katie said she could barely recall because she was so surprised when she realized that Walter was beginning to propose.To see more photos from Katie and Walter’s engagement session visit Lovely Lens Photography on Facebook. Please leave a reply to wish these two the best of luck on their journey together toward their wedding day.


Lovely Look: Katie and Walter’s Engagement -Connecticut Wedding Photographer

I am getting super excited about this one! Meet Katie and Walter, a really sweet Connecticut couple. Last weekend I had the chance to go home to Connecticut for this Southford Falls engagement. The full blog post will be up tomorrow! So check back soon 🙂

Top 10 Engagement Photo Shoot Tips -Maryland Wedding Photographer

Engagement photos are usually a one-time event, so knowing what to expect can be daunting, especially for those who have not had many professional photo opportunities in the past. Before going into the session, couples usually discuss the details with their photographer. I have spent some time compiling a list of my best tips and facts about engagement photography to make your experience easier to plan and prepare for.

    1. The typical engagement photo session lasts anywhere between 3-6 hours. Travel between different locations, outfit changes, and moving photo equipment takes time. If you know this ahead of time it takes the stress off making a time restraint. Have plans after your photo shoot? Maybe reschedule those plans so that you don’t miss out. Engagement photos are a way to celebrate your engagement so take the time to appreciate your moment.

2. Location, location, location. Now this one is important. You are going to want to choose a location that has personal meaning to you (such as where you met or had your first date), is aesthetically pleasing, or fits well with your personality as a couple. Think of your location as a movie set because the backdrop of your venue makes the mood of the photos. Your photographer may also be able to suggest some great places. Choose up to three places to add some variety (or as a back up in case one place is unavailable that day).

3. The engagement ring symbolizes your engagement and commitment. Make sure your photographer gives your ring special consideration and photographs it separately.

4. Pick at least two outfits: one casual and one a bit more formal to change on location or between venues. This will give your more variety. You do not need to match or look like twins, although magazines may have some fun styles for inspiration and to keep you coordinated. And don’t forget to bring comfy shoes to wear in between locations, especially for women who favor heels. 

                                                   I’m sure they thought it was a good idea at the time…..

5. Engagement photos require some intimacy, so if you are shy be prepared to kiss in front of the camera and do not be afraid to be yourselves. your photographer should help you relax after a short while. No one likes silly faces in their pictures.

6. Bring props! Have a shared hobby? Bringing along something to do together or that has some symbolic meaning for your relationship gives you something to do and helps you relax in front of the lens. It also gives your photos a story, which brings us to tip number 7.

    7. create a story. Playing out a story line like how you met or recreating a scene from a favorite novel or film makes your album unique and produces fun photographs. Profile picture anyone? Think of your photo shoot as a series.

8. Consider professional hair and makeup. If you are investing in great photography you will want to look your best. Not necessary, but it is also a great way to test out potential artists for the wedding day.

    9. Search within your interests for inspiration. Using poses and ideas from other engagement photos will make your pictures look just like everyone else’s. Search your favorite paintings, magazines, and movies for ideas and never be afraid to ask your photographer for a specific pose or shot.

         I still think they gave up on that floating door too easily. They could have at least taken turns….. 

10. Have fun! Laugh and do not take yourselves too seriously or you may end up looking stern or miserable in your pictures. Keep your hands relaxed as well because they give your nervousness away. You want to look as happy as you feel.

Were these tips helpful? Please feel free to comment or share some times of your own or share this post on Facebook or Twitter. Just one little click away.

Maryland Engagement Photography -Carl and Stephanie

Last Thursday I had the honor of photographing Stephanie and Carl in celebration of their engagement. First we walked through parts of Bel Air, although it ended up being too hot and sunny of a location. The shade and beauty of Liriodendron mansion’s porch was our second stop, and way more successful. Stephanie and Carl met in graduate school and worked in the same lab. They knew one another for four years before dating. Carl mentioned, “cooking, that’s a big one. That’s pretty much how our relationship took off… we always used to hang out and cook a lot (I used to be a wicked cook before going vegan).”Stephanie’s engagement ring is simply lovely! (Great job, Carl!)Our next location was on the ma & pa trail outside of Bel Air because one of their favorite activities is hiking. I asked Carl to tell me a little bit about Steph. Carl is my neighbor, but Stephanie lives close to Boston so I had not met her yet. He gave me the cutest list of some of the things that he loves about her:

“1) Our love is definitely unconditional – seems cliche but, wow, I’ve never experienced it with someone.

2) She’s extremely empathetic. She can immediately sense what I’m feeling and adapt to it. And it’s genuine – she actually absorbs what I’m feeling. I’m very similar with her.

3) She’s very tactile. It’s borderline autistic but in an endearing way. For example, if we walk through a department store, she has to touch every single fuzzy blanket or pillow she gets near.

Yes, she’s quite amazing. One in a million.”

When I was discussing the details of the photo shoot with Carl I reminded him to tell Stephanie to bring a couple of shoe options. His response: “Convincing her to bring shoes will not be a problem.” She brought along the most fabulous strappy heels. “And then, of course, we go home and play the most incredibly violent video games or watch cheesy horror/action movies. Steph never suggests the romantic comedy… always the opposite. Her body language is also very intense and entertaining. She doesn’t hide her emotions well, which is great because she’s usually happy (sometimes a little sassy but that’s what redheads do).” -Carl

Maryland Engagement Photography: Here is a Lovely Look

I am excited to give you this lovely look from today’s engagement session! I am also happy to be back on the blog. Today Carl, Stephanie, and I made our way through Bel Air, MD to celebrate their engagement. We left early to beat the heat, but it was still boiling out. This couple was hot and I don’t think it was all to blame on the sun! The rest of the photos will be up early next week. There are also a few extras posted onto my Facebook page: Lovely Lens Photography. 

Christine and Jeff: She Said Yes!

Christine is one of my best friends from college. We have had countless girls nights and good times, but the happiest I have seen Christine is when she is with her fiance Jeff. A year before they even got engaged Christine told me that I was the one that would be photographing her engagement and wedding. So one year later, here I am! It was the most heart warming experience, especially because I have only met Jeff briefly in the past so I was able to get to know the man that captured my beautiful friend’s heart. The first photographs were taken at the Green Lakes in Manlius, NY. The water really was the lovely emerald shade! Pay close attention to the necklace around Jeff’s neck. I will tell you why it is important later. Our next location was the beautiful Skineateles Lake in Skineateles, NY! It was a bit of a drive, but it was worth the journey! Unfortunately this shop was closed (they have the most amazing fudge!), although we still got some great photographs in front of the building. Just look how amazing their eyes are, especially paired next to one another! Breathtaking! You could not keep this couple from laughing! I love how at ease Christine and Jeff are with one another. Natural laughter is the sweetest. 
We stopped by a local shop for calzones for dinner as we waited for the bright sun to go down a little bit. Christine pulled out her phone and showed me this cute little app that counts down the days until her wedding. 3 months to go!Remember how I told you the necklace Jeff was wearing would be important? At dinner I asked him what the rings were and he told me that they were his parents wedding bands. Those are the rings that Christine and Jeff will exchange at their own wedding. And he wears them every day! (Total sigh moment!)These shoes are important because Christine picked them out to wear with her wedding gown on their big day! I am so thrilled that the first engagement shoot I have posted on my webpage was Christine and Jeff’s! It was more than an engagement session, it was a fun day with good friends. I was also happy to get to know Jeff a bit better since he was so far from our college when Christine and I were in school together. A girl couldn’t ask for a better man her her best friend. Really, Jeff is a great guy and it was wonderful getting to know him over the course of the day. I have never seen Christine smile and laugh so much and their constant fun bickering and joking with one another is so endearing. Congratulations, Christine and Jeff! I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day this coming August! 

Engagement Preview

Engagement and wedding season has finally commenced! I am more than excited to share this quick preview of Christine and Jeff’s engagement session. The full post will be posted next Monday.

So many wonderful things are happening all at once! I am graduating from Cazenovia College this Saturday and my family will be with me all day. Then the day after, my boyfriend Matthew and I will be moving to Bel Air, Maryland! It is a double dose of excitement! I really cannot contain my happiness. Today I have been packing for the trip, and as sad as I have been about leaving my home of four years, I know that this move is going to be a wonderful new step in my life. I hope that everyone enjoys the preview of this lovely couple and is looking forward to seeing the rest next week. Have a wonderful day and keep smiling!