Kristina and Gus Part Three: Before the Reception

Here it is: Part Three. The final part will be updated within a day or two so stay tuned for the reception. One of my favorite parts about the wedding day is right after the ceremony. Every one is taking in the just-married vibes and it is now time for some fun, especially when the bridal portraits are involved. I enjoy this time in particular because the couple gets a moment to themselves and then they take their first pictures together as a married couple. Its really an honor to be involved in someone’s special day, documenting every fun and romantic moment. Kristina’s bridesmaids did a wonderful job of lifting up her veil then running out the the shot. Thank you for all of the help, you were all lovely!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The kids were thirsty after all their hard work at the wedding. 
The bride and groom left for the reception in style: