Maryland Engagement Photography -Carl and Stephanie

Last Thursday I had the honor of photographing Stephanie and Carl in celebration of their engagement. First we walked through parts of Bel Air, although it ended up being too hot and sunny of a location. The shade and beauty of Liriodendron mansion’s porch was our second stop, and way more successful. Stephanie and Carl met in graduate school and worked in the same lab. They knew one another for four years before dating. Carl mentioned, “cooking, that’s a big one. That’s pretty much how our relationship took off… we always used to hang out and cook a lot (I used to be a wicked cook before going vegan).”Stephanie’s engagement ring is simply lovely! (Great job, Carl!)Our next location was on the ma & pa trail outside of Bel Air because one of their favorite activities is hiking. I asked Carl to tell me a little bit about Steph. Carl is my neighbor, but Stephanie lives close to Boston so I had not met her yet. He gave me the cutest list of some of the things that he loves about her:

“1) Our love is definitely unconditional – seems cliche but, wow, I’ve never experienced it with someone.

2) She’s extremely empathetic. She can immediately sense what I’m feeling and adapt to it. And it’s genuine – she actually absorbs what I’m feeling. I’m very similar with her.

3) She’s very tactile. It’s borderline autistic but in an endearing way. For example, if we walk through a department store, she has to touch every single fuzzy blanket or pillow she gets near.

Yes, she’s quite amazing. One in a million.”

When I was discussing the details of the photo shoot with Carl I reminded him to tell Stephanie to bring a couple of shoe options. His response: “Convincing her to bring shoes will not be a problem.” She brought along the most fabulous strappy heels. “And then, of course, we go home and play the most incredibly violent video games or watch cheesy horror/action movies. Steph never suggests the romantic comedy… always the opposite. Her body language is also very intense and entertaining. She doesn’t hide her emotions well, which is great because she’s usually happy (sometimes a little sassy but that’s what redheads do).” -Carl


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