Christine and Jeff: She Said Yes!

Christine is one of my best friends from college. We have had countless girls nights and good times, but the happiest I have seen Christine is when she is with her fiance Jeff. A year before they even got engaged Christine told me that I was the one that would be photographing her engagement and wedding. So one year later, here I am! It was the most heart warming experience, especially because I have only met Jeff briefly in the past so I was able to get to know the man that captured my beautiful friend’s heart. The first photographs were taken at the Green Lakes in Manlius, NY. The water really was the lovely emerald shade! Pay close attention to the necklace around Jeff’s neck. I will tell you why it is important later. Our next location was the beautiful Skineateles Lake in Skineateles, NY! It was a bit of a drive, but it was worth the journey! Unfortunately this shop was closed (they have the most amazing fudge!), although we still got some great photographs in front of the building. Just look how amazing their eyes are, especially paired next to one another! Breathtaking! You could not keep this couple from laughing! I love how at ease Christine and Jeff are with one another. Natural laughter is the sweetest. 
We stopped by a local shop for calzones for dinner as we waited for the bright sun to go down a little bit. Christine pulled out her phone and showed me this cute little app that counts down the days until her wedding. 3 months to go!Remember how I told you the necklace Jeff was wearing would be important? At dinner I asked him what the rings were and he told me that they were his parents wedding bands. Those are the rings that Christine and Jeff will exchange at their own wedding. And he wears them every day! (Total sigh moment!)These shoes are important because Christine picked them out to wear with her wedding gown on their big day! I am so thrilled that the first engagement shoot I have posted on my webpage was Christine and Jeff’s! It was more than an engagement session, it was a fun day with good friends. I was also happy to get to know Jeff a bit better since he was so far from our college when Christine and I were in school together. A girl couldn’t ask for a better man her her best friend. Really, Jeff is a great guy and it was wonderful getting to know him over the course of the day. I have never seen Christine smile and laugh so much and their constant fun bickering and joking with one another is so endearing. Congratulations, Christine and Jeff! I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day this coming August! 


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