Laura’s Dance Boudoir -Maryland Boudoir Photographer

I am so excited to be posting Laura’s dance/ boudoir photos on the blog today! I had so much fun working with Leah and Laura. I took the photos of Leah and Laura at the same time and we had a blast in the studio! Although the theme was similar I tried to get different photographs of each of them to make their photographs reflect their style and individual personalities. Here are some of my personal faves! I wish that I could jump like that! To get this coloring I gelled the strobes with a purple gel and I got this awesome black light effect:These ghostly images are among my personal favorites: 

Laura is graduating college with me this coming weekend. This photo shoot was such a fun way for the both of us to unwind from the stress of senior project and our finals. Congrats, Laura! I also owe Leah and Laura a big thank you for trusting me in the studio with all of the crazy lighting I set up as well as the flour adventure we had. Honestly, they were both amazing and let me try every idea that came to mind, no matter how long it took. I could not have gotten all of these fun images with out their patience and willingness for adventure.


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