First Photo Friday

Today I am doing my first ever “Photo Friday.” It is my way of making sure that I blog more. I am still getting used to the idea of blogging and so far I love every minute of it! Every Friday from now on I will be blogging a photograph or several of something I photographed over the past week or a favorite photo from the past and journal about it.

This photograph is one that I took a couple years ago. It is a photograph of a close friend of mine belly dancing. The high quality photos from this batch are still in .psd format and since my photo shop is not working I could not transfer them to .png to download to my page. This is the only one that I have in .jpeg format, but I still love it because it is so passionate and about the moment rather than getting the perfect shot. Sometimes those come out the best. I have the tendency to focus on what is technically perfect and I must remember to shoot from the heart.

Belly dancing is a hobby of mine and it is perfect for this idea because when I dance I do not think about anything else but how amazing it feels to move. I love that sort of passion and it is something I always try to get into my photography. I call this image “Spirit of the Drum Solo.” I hope that you all enjoyed this photo and hopefully you’ll stop by to see what I post next Friday. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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