Introducing Baby Payton

In previous posts I have mentioned how Crystal will be my sister-in-law one day (she already tells people that I am her sister-in-law) and it is a really amazing feeling to have such a kind older sister to look up to.  I’m the oldest of four so its fun to imagine having an older sibling. I grew up with many close cousins and a few who actually lived across the street from me, but some how its a little different. Crystal is a strong individual and I really respect how hard she works to make her dreams come true. I helped to photograph her wedding (my first wedding blog post) as well as her maternity pictures so I could not resist bringing along my camera when I was told that baby Payton Daniel was born.

He was born on November 10th and weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces. And what a thick head of hair for such a tiny baby! Below are some of the pictures I took in my short visit:

Dan is so excited to be a father. Its really sweet. When Matthew and I walked into the hospital room Payton was asleep on his Daddy’s chest.

Baby hands are so precious!

A proud Uncle Matt:

A special thank you to Ashley Deyo for letting me borrow her lens because my 50 mm is in need of repairs. I had a little trouble working it because it is so different from the lens I am used to, but I’m happy with the images it produced. Baby Payton is so precious!


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