Love what you do

I am going to tell you a little story about last weekend. It all started when I was extremely stressed out with my senior thesis exhibition project. My wonderful boyfriend, Matthew, drove me out of his way to go to an arts supply store to find supplies. However, when we got there I could not find what I needed. I was in a time constraint and very freaked out on stress.

Everyone that knows me very well knows that I absolutely love wooden stamps. They’re often pricey so I always find mine in clearance bins or dollar stores. At the moment when I was in the art store and at my highest level of panic I stumbled upon a $1 clearance shelf of stamps as I was looking for blender markers. I pulled out numerous cute ones like “sparkle & shine” and then I came across a stamp that said “Do what you love, Love what you do.” Now, I have heard that quote before, but it came at such a perfect time. I found it at a moment when I was feeling my worst and doubtful about myself. And then it hit me (or stamped me if you want to get specific): I should do my project on what I love most and not worry about what any one else thinks about it.

Since then I have recreated my entire thesis project and I think I am really onto something. I know its silly, but I have been carrying this stamp in my pocket all week long to keep me motivated and thinking positively. This is not all about the grade or pleasing other people, this thesis project is about me and what I love to do. And that makes me happy.

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