Large Format Photography

Here are some fun and random photos for you 🙂 I am currently taking a large format photography class (you know, the fun giant cameras photographers used to tote around about 100 years ago and looked under a black blanket to focus the lens. Yes, those lovely cameras! 🙂 ) These are some of the images from my latest project. They kind of remind me of a Jackson Pollock painting. It was not my intention, but it is fun that they turned out looking very Pollock inspired any way.

The handsome model below is my boyfriend, Matthew. His eyes photograph so well in black and white! I love him to pieces! Especially because he worked with me for four hours as I splattered paint all over him. He had to shower between shots when I changed the paint. (Which means he had to walk across the street like this and through one of the campus buildings to get to the showers all shirtless and covered in paint.) He is such a trooper! Thank you, honey!!! You’re amazing!

To get the photos into my blog I had to scan in the 4×5 negatives, invert the colors, and resize them. I thought I would share some of my side work. There are many dimensions to my work. I used to want to be a photojournalist (not too long ago actually) before becoming a wedding photographer. I also dabbled in studio photography, but I was not a big fan of it until recently as well. I need to go back and edit the following two, but I could not resist posting them any way.
Looking at that gaze makes me melt. . . 


2 thoughts on “Large Format Photography

    • Thank you for commenting, Nataliya. 🙂 Thats very sweet of you. Unfortunately my teacher did not like this project at all so I need to do something much different next time around. Still getting used to the view camera, but I love it.

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